Ptv dramas list

Pakistan is a neighbouring country of India that in Asian continent. Its capital is Islamabad. The film and television industry in Pakistan is very popular among its citizens. Television holds the major share in the entertainment sector. Television industry in Pakistan started in the year in Lahore.

The first ever satellite channel PTV-2 of Pakistan started in Inthe government of Pakistan opened new ways to television industry by allowing private TV channels to telecast news, current affairs and other programs. With the rise in private channels, the content on television started pouring in. Dramas or Serials enjoys the maximum attention. Pakistan television industry has given many beautiful and memorable serials to the country and to the world.

Their serials are loved by the audiences of neighbouring countries and the world. The serial was inspired from a novel of same name by the writer itself. The serial revolves around the female protagonist named Shehla who was adopted by a renowned person and her struggle for love and survival.

It was aired on Urdu1 and was directed by Yasir Nawaz. It was a successful show of the channel. Even before its release, the serial managed to gather huge attention and created high wave of anticipation among the viewers. The fresh pairing of Imran Abbas and Ayeza Khan was also loved by the audience.

List of television programmes broadcast by PTV

The drama shows the struggles and social issues of glamour industry and upper-class families. It shows and explores different attitudes towards certain profession likes politics, modelling and Film profession. The serial was set against the theme of old Pakistani film industry and shows the struggles of different characters from the days of mid-sixties.

The show reflected the new perspective and interesting plot related to the flourishing Pakistani film industry. The show was written by Faiza Iftikhar provides a fascinating and interesting insight into the familiar faces of the film industry.

A new drama on A-plus channel was aired. The background music of the serial was sung and produced by Ahsan Perbvais Mehdi. The show has the successful pairing of Faisal Qureshi and Ushna Shah. The duo has come together in this serial to reprise their roles and to mesmerise the audience. The story revolves around the struggles of Ushna Shah as a widow.

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The story shows how Bilal Faisal Qureshi fall in love with her instead of her sister-in- law Freeha. A romantic serial starring humayun Saeed and Mehwish Hayat was set in the narrow streets of Sindh, Pakistan. The show was written by Faaiza Iftikhar and directed by Nadeem Baig was successful in getting all the needed attention by their impactful story and direction.

The serial remained on top charts of TRP and was loved by the viewers but the critics gave mixed to negative reviews to the drama.

ptv dramas list

Bin Roye was originally a film released in the year was converted into a serial after the huge success of the movie. The cast of the film and serial were same. The serial is based in Pakistan and showed the story of Saba Mahira Khan and the ups and downs she faces due to being in love with her cousin Irtiza.

The show was successful in Pakistan and other countries. In UK, the episode of the serial was viewed by more than 94, It remained a hit in UK throughout 17 weeks it aired.

Perhaps the most controversial serial produced by the Pakistani television industry has won the hearts of millions of people with its gripping story written by Farhat Ishtiaq.

ptv dramas list

A recent showed aired on Hum TV in January starring very popular and famous actress Mawra Hocane was loved by the audience. The drama throws a light on social customs like Vani or exchange of brides and how women are forced to give birth till they produce a son.Tags: Maula Jatt Mahira Khan. Tags: Dhoop Kinaray Tanhayian. Tags: Sanam Jung. Tags: Hania Aamir Asim Azhar. Tags: Atif Aslam Pakistani Singer. Tags: Wrong Number. Share FB. Two in One.

Morning with Juggan. Eid e Sherien. Roshni Ka Safar. Ramzan Pakistan. The Celebrity Lounge Season 2. Honay Laga Tumse Pyar. Koi Ishq Na Janay. Yaad Teri Aane Lagi.

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Gurmukh Sing Ki Wasiyat. Eid Aisar. Reema Khan Show.

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No Time For Pyar Vyar. Yaad Teri Anay Lagi. Ghum e Dil. Urdu Bechari. Khuwab Sab Dhool Huway.

20 Pakistani TV dramas that you should watch if you haven’t

Nautanki Family. Qissa Kursi Ka. Box office. Load More. Give drama reviews and win Diamond Ring via Lucky Draw. Answer can be from islamabad lahore.We like to say we're going through a 'revival' of sorts when it comes to TV in Pakistan — but lets not forget dramas of yore, that were just as awesome in their day as Humsafar and Zindagi Gulzar Hai are now.

To honour this success, here's a top ten list of some of the classic, old and by old, we're talking days when there was no channel except for PTV!

This is one of the oldest and greatest dramas in the history of Pakistani television. Khuda ki Basti had an unconventional storyline focusing on the prevalent social issues of society, and was telecasted twice the second time in at the insistence of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto — it was his favorite play! To top that, Khuda ki Basti was also introduced on the syllabi of drama academies in Pune, India and around Europe. Known for its witty dialogues and the strong, endearing, candid character of Sana played by Shehnaz SheikhAnkahi was quick to reach cult status.

Inspired by AnkahiBollywood released the movie Chal Mere Bhai in with the same story line as the drama. A fast paced story of doctors working together in a hospital in Karachi, lead actors Marina Khan and Rahat Kazmi quickly became a favorite on-screen couple the old school equivalent of Mahira Khan and Fawad Khan.

ptv dramas list

The first of its kind, Ainak Wala Jin was a wonderful mix of real life, fantasy and science fiction. In fact, the cast was invited to perform in front of Princess Diana and the patients at Shaukat Khanum Hospital when she visited Pakistan in Another cult classic, this drama was aired multiple times over the years due to its popularity.

For the first time we saw two young women sisters taking up the traditional role of men — working jobs, running businesses, earning money and making a living — after their parents died and left them in extreme debt. After 27 years of not getting enough of Tanhaiyana sequel named Tanhaiyan: Naye Silsilay was aired in It follows the lives of three young, happy-go-lucky friends who have just joined the army, and teaches the very important lesson of leading a purposeful and passionate life.

A story of two friends who are complete opposites — Allan, the shrewd and immoral businessman and Nannha, the innocent and idealistic village man — had everyone hooked. Although a comedy, Alif Noon dealt with serious issues such as fraud, scam and cheating, among others, in Pakistani society.

A true masterpiece written by the comedy king Kh. Parchaiyan was an adaption of the book Portrait of a Lady by Henry James. Moreover, this was the very first colored drama series to be aired on Pakistani TV! Considered one of the most realistic depictions of Pakistan, Waris is a story of a feudal family, their struggles to maintain their land and wealth, and the inter-family differences and tussles that lead to their downfall.

Although it had only 13 episodes, drama-watchers remember the streets being deserted at the time it would air. Facebook Count. Twitter Share. Captain retd Abdullah Mehmood who plays Captain Kashif Kirmani L is seen along with Shahnaz Rthe leading female role, in Alpha Bravo Charile series —Screengrab 7 Alif Noon A story of two friends who are complete opposites — Allan, the shrewd and immoral businessman and Nannha, the innocent and idealistic village man — had everyone hooked.

The cast of Taleem-e-Balighan —Photo courtesy: dramapakistan. Read more. On DawnNews. Comments Closed Popular Newest Oldest. Mar 13, pm. Cant agree more Recommend 0. All wonderful drama's. However, Tanhaiyan: Naye Silsilay was an utter disappointment and should not have gone through to ruin the original. The disaster of Tanhaiyan: Naye Silsilay can be forgiven by the viewers, if they attempt a proper remake of the sequel.

Dr Mazhar. Personally, would have placed Sunehray Din instead of Ainak wala jin.Drama, Romance. Dillagi is romantic story of Mohid and Anmol. Set in the back streets of Sukkur in interior Sindh, Anmol lives a simple life with her mother and younger sister Mishal Ansari. Before he died Votes: The story focuses on the family of Gulistan Khan, a cruel man who rules his family with an iron will and wields considerable influence in the area where he lives.

Story of trust, relationships and regrets, revolving around five people with different backgrounds and their faith and conviction. It highlights the concept of how the creator rewards the people who believe in hard work and patience. Young man confronts his forbidden love and situation changes dramatically as things starts to unfold. Votes: 1, Pakeeza's personal photos meant for her boyfriend are leaked and go viral over the internet, sparking a whole host of problems for her and her family.

The shame she and her sister have to face leads to her being disowned by her mother. Ashar and Khirad are forced to get married due to desperate circumstances.

Sara is Ashar's childhood friend and believed she would marry Ashar. Khirad is caught within this love-triangle with other internal and external forces at play. Votes: 3, A school teacher was left by her husband with her 3 daughters and marries another women for the sake of getting a male child. The story focuses on gender biasness and the difference between the classes in terms of the affluence level.

Votes: 2, Mystery, Romance.

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Shehr-e-Zaat is a story of young woman's journey as she strives to make up for all the time she has lost in worldly pursuits and finally give in to Allah's will, after learning harsh realities of life she traveled from Self to Subsistence. A story about a woman who was wrongfully accused of adultery and her daughter from the second marriage, who later finds the truth about her mother's past as she herself gets married into the same family.

A young college graduate from a modern elite family from Islamabad falls in love with the daughter of an Imam. Stars: Imran AbbasSadia Khan. Bano and her fiance face the trials and tribulations caused by the Indian partition. They live in a provincial town in Sindh. Mannu's family is joint and wealthy where as Salahuddin lives a simple life with his mother Ismat Zaidifather Shehryar Zaidi and sister. Crime, Drama. Sheedan is married to Majid Rehan Sheikh.

While, Sajida is a widowed An arranged engagement between a village girl and her city cousin shows signs of true love, but an indiscretion decades ago could doom their romance. A young woman is conflicted when she falls in love with a man who courts her friend. Drama, Romance, Thriller. Rudaba's life takes a turn when she is forced to live in Bashar's house. Bashar Momin's selfishness and the right to misuse power entitles him to disturb the life of Rudaba.Web Desk.

The Pakistani TV industry, a relatively new one though, has been fast catching up both in terms of popularity and great content. Starring Fawad Khan and Mahira Khan, Humsafar is probably the most popular Pakistani drama that gained immense success when it aired on television in India.

The story revolves around Khirad Mahira and Ashar Fawad who are compelled to marry each other to fulfill the wishes of their parents. They eventually fall in love and have the most beautiful bond. Sara Naveen Waqar had always imagined her life with Ashar but when that fails to happen, she makes it her top priority to separate the loving couple.

This epic love saga is aptly cast and each episode is better than the previous. Zara Sanam Baloch and Maleeha Aamina Sheikh are best friends despite the huge class difference between them. Maleeha gets extremely uncomfortable with this arrangement as she feels her best friend has manipulated her all these years just so she could enjoy their luxurious lifestyle.

Daam is a tale of friendship which reflects that the selfish decisions we make can impact many lives and the damage, is irreparable. Faisal Adeel Hussain is a journalist who has been working on the illegal activities of land mafia. The night of his wedding to Ujala Aamina Sheikhshe is raped by a gangster who is out to get revenge from Faisal. Soon after, she gets pregnant. Their relationship goes through a turmoil as Faisal cannot accept this child as his own, and Ujala being his mother, cannot live without him.

Once a loving couple who had beautiful dreams about their future, it now has to redefine their relationship. Kankar was a socially relevant drama that dealt with the problem of domestic violence. Though Sikandar keeps professing his love constantly, he is also a short tempered guy who gets violent with her frequently. Kiran tries to change Sikandar but to no avail. She finally decides to leave him when she suffers a tragic loss because of him.

Kashaf Sanam Saeed is a diligent student but has a very cynical view about life. Zaroon Fawad Khan comes from an affluent family but his orthodox nature gets the better of him sometimes.We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, we may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page or if you add a product to your basket and check out at Amazon.

Thank you if you do use a link or checkout, we really appreciate it! Pakistani dramas are iconic and their colossal strides over the past five years, raised the bar for innovation, quality writing, and realism.

With the influx of Indian channels, the Pakistani viewers find it difficult to watch Pakistani dramas Online and have been spoilt for choice. Out of ten of Pakistani dramas online, they found only one or two worth watching. If you are a fan of impactful Pakistani dramas and finding it hard to figure out which serial is worth watching, we have eased your problem by sorting out the list of Pakistani dramas that have a great script, packed with powerful performances and good direction.

However, the common denominator was that these dramas were all rock solid entertainmentthe show audiences have been waiting for since long.

In this blog, we have compiled a list of top Pakistani dramas of to must watch out. These Pakistani dramas online have provided an entertainment throughout the year People have loved these versatile serials and they love to watch these Pakistani dramas online like Do Bol. Known for the best versatile actress of Pakistani television, the serial star Saba Qamar and actor Bilal Abbas Khan as lead role.

This tragic story hit our minds and heart of how the concept of modesty can be used against a woman. The story serves as a reminder of past events that has happened in reality in our society. Anyone watching this drama will be reminded of those events.

This drama set in Malaysia and Pakistan, directed by Ahmed Bhatti and produced by Abdullah Seja under Idreams Entertainmentlook at the issue of domestic violence. The drama cast Ramsha Khan and Muneeb Butt as the lead roles.

This drama focuses on general arranged marriage trends, marital abuse prevailing in the country, and rituals of the dowry system. Kaisa Hai Naseeban is among top Pakistani dramas Online series of The drama is directed by Haseeb Hassan and written by Umera Ahmad. The story revolves around Hamza Ali Abbasi, who acts as a Pakistani filmmaker and what hurdles he faces during his journey for the sake of Allah.

Qalb-e-Momin belongs to a family of calligraphy. On the other hand, the Kubra Khan is acting as a Husan-e-jahan and mother of Qalb-e-momin.

Sajal Aly is Momina Sultan, a struggling actress with a disturbed past. The journey of Qalb-e-momin towards the right path of Almighty Allah along with his past related to his mother and father flashes through every episode. Due to his past beliefs, Qalb-e-momin bond with God has been at its weakest point. However, his grandfather plays an important role in regaining his faith in the Almighty through questioning Qalb-e-Momin believes. Despite losing her brother, Momina Sultan remain determined to pursue her acting career in movies.

While, Qalb-e-Momin keep digging for answers regarding spirituality and his relationship with Allah. The journey of Momin is all about re-discovering his root and finding his lost connection with God.When it comes to Pakistani drama then they are explicitly based on lots of emotions, drama, and masala. Since inception, the industry has produced a remarkable number of dramas which are solely based on romanticism. The scriptwriters along with Faiza Iftikhar and Khalil have written a number of romantic dramas which were widely watched across the border.

The serial was released by Hum Television Network, with a strong cast. The serial was directed by Momina Duraid production and Haseeb Hassan. Mera Naam Yousuf Hai The story of the serial is based on the fierce love, hatred and money driven character.

The drama touched the conflicts and hypocrisies of the society.

Family Front, Episode # 1, PTV Comedy Drama, HD

The serial telecasted Maya Ali in the lead role and made it to the height of popularity. The role of Maya Ali added incredible value to the serial as her role as the maid made the people curious about the ending. Nikah The serial was telecasted by Hum television network and explicitly questioned the cultural and traditional boundaries of the Pakistani society.

The questioning of the traditions and culture made the audience like and appreciate the serial and the serial was not only appreciated within the country but was explicitly appreciated in India and other south Asian countries. Alvida This serial is for the romantics out there!

What do we want with a good couple with a great chemistry? The serial is the great example of the romantic family drama with a short story of a couple with a great chemistry.

The serial was appreciated and widely watched by the youngsters around the world as it portrayed an exemplary picture of a great and peaceful relationship.

Aik Thi Misaal The serial was telecasted by Hum television network and portrayed a story of a child from a broken family. Misaal is abandoned by her mother and then is mistreated by her father as well.

The serial gave the good message to all the parents in the world about how their mistreated treatment could lead to the mass trouble for a child. The serial was widely appreciated by the people for its thought-provoking message. Kaanch Ki Guriya The serial was released by Geo television network with the strong cast and directorship. The analogy of the name is very deep and interesting as it reflects the women who faces the hardships and is fragile enough to be shattered like a mirror.

The great drama that stole the hearts and support throughout. The serial casted the strong writer, actors and directors.

ptv dramas list

The good content of the serial made it famous and being loved by the people across the world. This story has the soul like no other sentimental drama. The combination of romantic and sad aspect made the serial popular amongst the housewives and youngsters within the country. The serial was telecasted in and from then it reached the height of popularity. The story of the serial was explicitly based on the story of a couple who belonged to a middle-class family and had to deal with the number of problems which also made the serial interesting.

Sangat The romantic serial as released in by Hum television network.

List of television programmes broadcast by PTV

The serial telecasted Saba Qamar and Mekaail Zulfikar as the lead role. The romantic story made the viewers excited and curious. The directorship along with the well written content made the serial popular and widely appreciated across the world. The chemistry of the couple in the drama made it further interesting.

List of PTV Old Dramas

Zid This one is an uncelebrated drama. The serial advocates the use of rights and the right way to use them. The thoughtful message behind the serial made it popular. The serial as even marketed in the schools and colleges so that the students could know more about the feminism and women rights within the country.

The romantic-feminist drama was not equally celebrated by gain wide popularity for its thought-provoking message and the idea of justice given to the women across the world.

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