Obsolete square d panel covers

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Whether you know the model number or just the specs of the breaker, our convenient online search tool makes it easy for you to find what you need - quickly. We stock breakers from all major manufacturers, with one of the largest inventories of new and reconditioned breakers in the nation. Product Categories.An electric panel will generally have one or two covers.

This is very dangerous. If a person comes into contact with or touches the live bus bar, a serious shock or injury could occur. Even death.

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Also, the main cover should be locked and tagged until the Dead Front is properly in place. A number of manufactures have replacement covers for their panels. Dead front covers have rectangular shaped slots that breakers fit into. If the cover has slots that are open but no breaker in it then pests may enter the panel, or children or others may inadvertently stick a metallic item in the open space. If there are a number of slots open next to one another and a person accidentally sticks a finger or hand into the open space, then shock or even death may occur.

Owners may put on a "dead front" cover if there is the proper one laying about; however, they should be very careful for safety sake when doing so. Electricians and qualified handymen are normally very good at doing this task. Note at times, the proper cover may need to be ordered from the manufacturer. Common electrical defects should be fixed because they are safety hazards; usually shock or fire risk.

Since pets are part of the family, we often overlook simple things that we can do to sell our home. Ones that may make the selling process less stressful on the pets and actually make the home easier to sell. It is amazing how rodents can get into an electrical panel.

Keeping rodents, bees and and other vermin out of an electrical panel is wise. All missing panel covers need to be replaced. The covers protect the electrical components of the panel and provides safety. Who to consult? An electrician.

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Additional Resources. Rodent or nest in electrical panels. Knock-outs missing in electrical panels are hazardous but easy to correct. Drywall Cracks: Cosmetic or Structural. Cracks develop in wall and ceiling areas. What are they a sign of and what can be done?We are open for business! Changing your customer account may impact your product pricing and availability.

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obsolete square d panel covers

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What's new New posts. Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums. Log in. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Source for old QO panel covers? Thread starter David Meiland Start date Aug 4, Prev 1 2. First Prev 2 of 2 Go to page.

Craigv Senior Member.

Obsolete Square D "QOC 8S" panel cover

No mentioning of listing being required. Sorry but I don't find any other requirement for the cabinet to be listed, other than in That said each manufacturer typically has a cabinet made to fit their panelboard s.

I don't know if they are listed or not. Loadcenters that come as all in one cabinet and panelboard already assembled typically are listed as a unit. But I don't think anything in NEC prevents you from taking the panelboard out and putting it in some other cabinet.

You would still need to comply with Location NE Nebraska. Craigv said:. Sorry, I miswrote "cabinets" in the first sentence where I meant to write "panelboards", the cabinet is not in question. It's typical for the panelboard interior and one or more dead fronts to be listed as an assembly, especially for snap-in breaker panels where the dead-front plays a role in retaining the breakers as well as protecting energized components. In the context of this thread, a residential load center, I suspect there aren't many if any interiors that are listed without a dead-front.

But do they have to be listed? I can show you a box of plastic staples that is listed, though it doesn't have to be. If I use them for anything not mentioned in the listing am I wrong with that use? Been dinged on that before, those aren't listed for that use, but I could go buy some simple metal wire staples that aren't listed at all and those are fine for same application.

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Last edited: Aug 8, Damaged or missing electrical panel covers can normally be replaced. Ones that are bent can generally be re-bent back into shape, but may need to be repainted or touched up.

The majority of manufactures have their panel covers available. Should the panel be very old, then it is more difficult to get the cover. In these cases there are sheet metal or metal fabricating shops that may make a duplicate, however, they are usually costly. It might be cheaper to replace the entire panel. A new panel may be only a couple of hundred dollars.

Panels on the exterior of a home needs to have a cover.

obsolete square d panel covers

Damaged covers or panels without a cover may allow rain and snow to enter the panel and this could become dangerous, as well as a loss of power may occur. Panels without covers are dangerous. Children or adults may get shocked or injured when there is not a cover on a panel. Never, have a panel with exposed bus bars and wiring. Consulting an electrician is wise. They are experienced with these type of situations and will know the best way of correcting it.

Panel covers that are slightly dinged or bent but close properly are normally considered a cosmetic issue. Slightly bent ones can usually be bent back to there original shape. Damaged covers that can not be bent back to there original shape need to be replaced with a proper cover, which most likely will be from the manufacture.

At times, someone will fabricate a panel cover to go onto a panel. This may create a problem if the panel gets inspected, for it is not technically approved and occasionally the inspector may write the panel up.

If the manufacture no longer makes the cover, some inspectors may approve the cover if it appears to well built and fits. Other inspectors may want the entire panel replaced. Home owners can usually put a panel on a electrical box; but should be careful for safety purposes when doing so. Electrician and qualified handymen generally are adept at adding a panel cover.

Should you need to get to the electrical panel to reset a breaker, or shut off the power if there are smoking or sparking electrical wires, then access is very important. Order from the manufacture The majority of manufactures have their panel covers available. Safety Panels without covers are dangerous. Bent and damaged covers Panel covers that are slightly dinged or bent but close properly are normally considered a cosmetic issue.

Who to consult? An electrician or qualified handyman. Additional Resources. The most common part of an electrical panel to go missing is one or two of the hinges, also Can you guess how the panel cover called a "Dead Front" cover got its name? Access to Electrical Panels is a Safety Concern.West Coast Power has been specializing in new, reconditioned and obsolete Square D Panel Boards and other electrical supply products for over 20 years.

If you have old or hard-to-find circuit breakers, motor controls, bus plugs, or other electrical distribution products that need replacing give us a call or request a quote. We have new, used and obsolete products coming in all the time. Due to the nature of the reconditioning process, we don't always get a chance to get all of our products represented in our online catalog - some are often sold before we get a chance to list them. If you don't see it listed, chances are, we likely have it in stock or can get it for you fast - and all of our reconditioned products carry the same 1-year warranty that come with our new products.

And we offer price matching on all products - if you find it cheaper elsewhere, call us. Order typically ship the same business day the order was received. Shop for Circuit Breakers, Motor Controls, and more For faster service call us at Login.

Expedited shipping options available. Call us for more info. Orders for items that are in stock are usually shipped same day, excluding weekends on orders placed before 3 PM PST. If you feel that you've been shown a better deal, we'll do our best to meet or beat the offer!

Let us buy your surplus electrical inventory and make some extra cash. Call us at Square D is an American manufacturer of equipment used to control and distribute electric power headquartered in Palatine, Illinois.

Square D was founded in in Detroit, Michigan by Bryson Dexter Horton who is credited with the invention of the safety switch which encased high voltage switches and started the company's main line of business of circuit breakers and encased control panels. Inthe company was acquired and became a subsidiary of Schneider Electric.

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Products and systems developed by the Square D brand are present in all sectors of activity, from circuit breakers to monitoring and control systems. The tertiary and residential building sectors are major consumers of Square D product.

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Square D Panel Boards New, used, and obsolete - all come with a 1-year replacement warranty. Call us if you can't find what you need. Reconditioned: Call for Price.Forums New posts Search forums. What's new New posts. Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums.

“Dead Front” Covers Missing on Electrical Panels is Serious

Log in. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter philipdybel Start date Dec 11, Status Not open for further replies.

obsolete square d panel covers

Location Indiana. On the front of it is the panel's model number: "Cat. On the rear is its model number: "Front Cat. I will need 8 of these to complete a remodel service grandfathered. Any condition is acceptable. Oh, I've already tried internet searches and eBay. Thank you for any help or leads, Philip Dybel. Location Richmond, Virginia. Phil, welcome to the forum! The lack of responses isn't a good sign, is it?

You might end up having to custom-drill another cover with the same breaker openings, or even have one made. Thanks, but LarryFine: Thank you. I too am surprised by the lack of availability -- must have seen of these panels in the last 20 years. Will keep turning over every unturned stone I can find I'll try Western Enterprises on Monday.

Today I secured a machinist to laser cut a prototype. But I'm not looking forward to their bill Anyone else? Riograndeelectric Senior Member. Location Lakewood Colorado. I had a dead front custom made for a Pushmatic panel a couple of years ago.

I was lucky enough that the next door Neighbor had the same panel so I took the dead front from them and took it to a machine shop. Location Iowegia. LarryFine said:.

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